The Great Law


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Hiawatha is perhaps the most well known First Nations person of all time. His fame came through the poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow whose masterful poem, “The Song of Hiawatha”, contains multiple historical inaccuracies. This book, The Great Law, has been significantly directed by Rotinonhshón:ni artist Raymond Skye, who credits much of his knowledge to the traditional teachings of his late father, a member of the Seneca Nation, and to the late Cayuga Chief Jacob E. Thomas, considered to be an authority on The Great Peace, also known as The Great Law.
The Rotinonhshón:ni are a strong and proud people. Truth and understanding are a significant part of their vision and mission.
The Great Law is the way the Rotinonhshón:ni would have their children hear of the great Chief Ayenwahtha, not as a hero, but as one who worked alongside Peacemaker in establishing The Great Peace, The Great Law