The Gift of Reading


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In this book, David Bouchard and Wendy Sutton speak to parents, teachers and administrators. They speak to all adults who have children in their lives. They remind you, the reader, that you need to take responsibility for getting those children reading. Helping children learn to read and to love reading is not someone else’s responsibility, it is yours!


“This very readable and interesting guide challenges the reader – whether parent or educator – to take responsibility for “helping children learn to read and love reading.” The
authors are both respected leaders in education and literacy in Canada. …A “must-purchase” for all school and public libraries and every principal’s office. Highly Recommended.” Lorraine Douglas is the Youth Services Coordinator for Winnipeg Public Library in Winnipeg, MB.

“This is a must read for all educators – those who agree with the premise and those who need convincing. Highly Recommended.” Jane Cabaya, Media Specialist, Century High School, Rochester, Minnesota for Library Talk – a US magazine aimed at teachers, circ. of about 35,000.

“This is an excellent book for parents and educators… With the current emphasis on literacy, this book is a must for all adults who have responsiblitily for the care and education of children. Highly recommended.” Victoria Pennell for Professional Resources – Volume 7 #3

Author’s Comment:

The dedication says it all: “For the Sally Benders and Anne Letains of the world. For you and the other teacher librarians who are out there carrying the torch! That The Gift of Reading might serve you and your cause.”