Notes to my Daughter


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“You are a thought, a simple dream
Of me and mom and of our need
To take a mammoth step in life
And go where many would not care
Nor dare to venture at our age.”

In this beautiful timeless book, award winning author David Bouchard celebrates the miracle of his daughter’s birth.

Notes to My Daughter is for anyone who has dreamed of having a family later in life – and for everyone who has felt the unbreakable and tender bond between parent and beloved child.

Dear Victoria,

These pages are but a few from my journal. I’ve selected those that most represent the world around your mum and me as we prepared for your arrival …

Sweetheart, you were my idea. Your mother was not difficult to convince, but initially you were my dream.

Your mother and I are in the midyears of our lives. It is no longer uncommon for couples our age to become parents, but many people do not understand why we’d choose to do so. I’ve often shared this journal because I find it difficult to contain my joy in you. I’ve found that many are interested in our experiences as we awaited your coming. I didn’t think you’d mind my sharing them.

Darling, your mum and I already have four beautiful children, and yet I picture us sharing our love and our lives with you. I believe that you are the one who will never let our love die. You are the bond that will help unite our children and our families.

Sweetheart, at the time I write this letter, my dreams have all come true.

You are everything I dreamt you would be and more. I thank God everyday that you are. First I thank God, and then I thank your mother.

I love you so…