My Papa Lost His Lucky


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The first thing that I ever lost Was Molly my small teddy bear I always kept her right beside My cozy, soft pink fuzzy chair But something bad had happened When I looked she’d somehow disappeared I called out for my Papa Who was always somewhere near

Come sit with me my princess Let’s go cuddle in my chair That special place of magic You will feel much better there Let’s wipe those tears and make a plan You tell me what to do To change that frown into a smile You know how I love you

Papa was always there for this little girl. Always. Now, he has to move into a home for people of his age. Only Papa is not allowed to keep his best friend, his dog Lucky… What can help? What can ease his pain?

A story by a brilliant poetic mind accompanied by evocative and touching illustrations.



When my mom and dad moved into a senior’s complex, I was shocked by the reality facing many elderly. Many lodgings do not accept pets of any sort. For so many elderly, their pets are their best if not one of their only friends. I wrote this, presented it to my mom and asked her to read it to the condo council on which she sat.

This is the dedication as it appears in the book:

“In Victoria, B.C., the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) reports that 65% of dogs surrendered to them come from seniors moving into facilities that do not allow pets.

For the 13 seniors on my mother’s condominium council who voted in favour of allowing residents to own small pets. This association had not, in its 25 years of existence allowed pets! The motion passed 13 to 3.”