I Am Raven


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Here is an exert….the first few lines:

To discover your totem is to discover yourself.

There are as many totems as there are species of birds, beasts or fish. And how not? Are we not all different?

I am often asked how a person comes to know their totem. When I am, I answer by asking this question: “If at night, before you close your eyes to travel to your dream time, if then you picture one of your wild cousins to whom you might ask guidance or give thanks, what would it be?” More often than not, your totem will be there, right before your eyes. You do not have to get fancy, just close your eyes and let it come to you. Chances are it will. It did for me.

I am Raven will be available by September of 2007. www.mtwpublishers.com

I am Raven Written by David Bouchard
Illustrated by Andy Everson
MoreThanWordsPublishers 2007

Last year, while on tour in the NWT, a Metis youth asked me what I thought his totem might be. He told me that he had seen the movie Brother Bear and played the game at the end of the CD…but that on every occasion he played, he was told he was something different. This was enough to move me to write ….I am Raven.

Andy Everson? I did as I have done in the past. I spent hours searching for the perfect artist for this project. I found Andy on-line at http://www.andyeverson.com. His images are hauntingly beautiful and Andy is as delightful a person as his work is lovely.

I had written the story when I found him. I made modifications to my story to fit Andy’s natural inclination to do evening scenes that often highlighted Moon.