Happy Centennial Saskatchewan


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We children of Saskatchewan
Are easy to identify
We smile at strangers – stop to talk
To people we know nothing of…
We open up our hearts and homes
To all who might come knocking
We’re what we are – because of you
Because of you Saskatchewan.

Happy Birthday dear Saskatchewan
From the seeds that you have sown
Though we’ve left for far off places
We still think of you as home.
And Happy Birthday dear Saskatchewan
From your children who have stayed
You have always and will always
Be here for us as we’d prayed.


When John Kurtz first asked me if I thought I’d be able to write something about the dozen or so highlights in the history of Saskatchewan, I thought it would be quite simple. But when it came down to it, it was not. There were too many people and events that needed to be included! What made the task manageable was the work of my friend and colleague Hans Herold. Hans’ moving portrayals of our homeland reminded me of what really should be celebrated and that was our prairie roots. What we have here, is a collage of what we believe is important in us and thus in the place we call home: Saskatchewan.