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“Not all fairies are created equal and I like it that way. No other fairy gets around the way I do and none else spend the night of every full moon doing wheelies until the sun rises! My Harley performs like magic. Man – it is magic!!!”

She is a one-of-a kind FAIRY. No gauzy dresses or flowing tresses for her. No delicate wand with a sparkly tip. This fairy rides a Harley, brandishes a wand of leather, and lets her hair fly behind her in practical braids. She looks after the magical needs of the children on her street. Not a child needs to worry while she’s on the job.

Right now the trouble lies with Victoria and her loose tooth. When Victoria’s curmudgeonly father refuses to believe that the tooth fairy will come to take his daughter’s tooth, the one-of-a-kind fairy rides in to teach him a lesson he will not soon forget.


* Best of the best North of the 49th (from the Teacher Librarian)

* OLA Best Bets 2001

* Nominated for the Chocolate Lilly Award in B.C. 2003

* The prestigious Best Children’s Books of the Year as chosen by the Bank Street College of Education has selected Fairy for their list. The Children’s Book Committee, based in New York, has been in existence for almost a century and is a trusted resource for selecting the best in children’s publishing.


“Fairy is a spirited picture book and an easy page turner. With choice language, and pictures that compliment, David Bouchard
captures the essence of a child’s joy and unconditional acceptance of the unexplained. He is also pin-point accurate in his portrayal of Victoria’ s father, who could easily represent jaded adults everywhere. How sad it is that our own belief in magic fades as we age. Kind of makes me wish there was a wheelie-popping, mischief-making fairy on my street!” …Anita Daher is a Yellowknife writer and broadcaster for the CBC.

“Poet extraordinaire Dave Bouchard has crafted a superbly written tale about the excitement of the tooth fairy with a humorous twist.” Laura Taylor of the Calgary Herold.

“A fairy story like no other.” Elizabeth Shaffer for B.C. Parent Magazine


This book will come as no surprise to any of the children who attended the schools at which I was principal. I have pulled hundreds of teeth and with every pulled tooth, I recorded the child’s name then sent them home to the fairy with a dollar, a book and of course, the tooth! I had always wished that the book be one of my own. This, unfortunately, has come just a tad late!